Waterways Campground
"Where Camping and Boating Come Together"


Our aim is to assist you with a safe and enjoyable camping experience.  Please stop by the office or stop us on the grounds if you have a question or comment.  We are here to help you enjoy Northern Michigan.

VISITOR POLICY: We know many of our guests have family or friends that they would like to have visit while staying at our park, please have them stop in the office and register.  All visitors staying past 9 p.m. need to register and pay at the office for an overnight stay. Due to insurance regulations, guests may not bring their pets into the park.  We are sorry. Please no parking on open sites.  If you require more parking space, please let us know. By Michigan law, there are only 2 vehicles allowed per site.  Please see Manager about additional parking of vehicles.

CAMPSITES: consist of only one (1) recreational vehicle/tent (addendum to this STATE Health Code law posted in the lobby). If you are using a satellite dish on the ground, make sure you do not put it in the way of your neighbor or on an empty camp site. One campsite consists of no more than 8 persons per site. Rates are based on 4. There is a fee for additional overnight guests.

PETS:  Pets are welcome – maximum of 2.  We love pets!  However, we do not like stepping in their doodie, so please clean up after your pets.  And while we love pets, please make sure that yours can play nice, we truly don't want you to have to remove them from the park. For everyone's safety, including your pet please keep pets leashed at all times, just not to a tree.  Pets are not allowed in the buildings and MUST be on a leash at all times!! 

PICNIC TABLES: a campsite or lodging is permitted only one (1) picnic table.

CHILDREN: Please don't leave children unattended. This includes the bathhouse, laundry, dump station and play areas. Bicycles are allowed in the park, but for the safety of the rider, must be kept out of the entrance area.

ALCOHOL:  Yes you may bring alcohol, but please refrain from bringing glass bottles. If you need to bring glass please keep it on your site. Using profanity, fighting, indecent exposure or other disorderly conduct is prohibited and will be just cause for expulsion from the Park without a refund.

FIREWORKS: The use of fireworks of any kind (including sparklers) is prohibited anywhere on the campground/lodging property, please understand we are surrounded by trees and it can be a fire danger.  Anyone using fireworks, firearms (including BB guns and sling shots), bows and arrows will be asked to leave immediately without a refund.

CLOTHESLINE: We understand the need to dry clothes, so if you must hang a clothesline please be certain that you only tie to the trees.  No nails or hooks are to be put into the trees.

QUIET TIME: Quiet time is from 10:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. That does not mean that you cannot sit quietly by your campfire and enjoy the evening, but it does mean children are to be back at their campsites/cabins and noise kept to a minimum.

Camping is an outdoor experience.  Therefore we do not give refunds for the discomfort of nature, i.e. weather or insects.

CAMPFIRES: It isn’t camping without a campfire! Campfires are permitted only in the fire pit rings provided and must always be attended by an adult. No outside firewood allowed (we sell firewood during office hours). Please do not bring limbs and debris wood into our park. Campfire rings are not a place for garbage; put all garbage in the dumpster. Keep your campsite picked up so you do not have unwanted visitors during the night.

WILDLIFE:  Please do not feed the animals.  Treat them with kindness and respect.  This is their home too.

TREES:  Do not abuse the trees in any way.   Do not cut branches from them.  Marshmallow/hot dog sticks are available at the office.

PARKING:  Only 2 vehicles are permitted on your site.  All vehicles must be COMPLETELY off of the road.  There is no parking allowed along the sides of the roads as they are too narrow to accommodate this.  If you have over 2, please see the Manager about additional parking.

SEVER WEATHER:  The office will monitor weather bulletins and the gathering / events room will be open for shelter.  If a tornado is imminent, the bathrooms are secure, underground protection.

BRIDGES:  No jumping from the bridges!  It is illegal, dangerous and may result in your eviction from the campground.