Waterways Campground Guidelines for Camping Guests

Our aim is to assist you with a safe and enjoyable camping experience.  Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Our phone number is 231-627-7066.  Enjoy Northern Michigan!

Waterways Campground of Cheboygan Michigan | Northern MI Campground | Cheboygan Campground

Waterways by the Numbers  
Speed limit 5MPH throughout the park
Limit stay on site 8 persons, 2 pets
Check in time 1:00 pm or later
Check out time 11:30 am
Visitor off campground 10:00 pm
Quiet time 10:30 pm to 7:30 am
Vehicles 2 per site ***
Picnic tables 1 per site
Firepit 1 per site
Outside firewood 0 allowed **
Emergency number 911
Waterways phone 231-627-7066


Waterways Campground of Cheboygan Michigan | Northern MI Campground | Cheboygan Campground

Waterways by the Service  
Utilities Water, Electric and Sewer
Convenience 8 persons, 2 pets
Convenience 1:00 pm or later
WiFi Free, no password needed
Cable TV is not available   
Weather emergency The restrooms are shelters designated for emergency.
Firewood $5.00/bundle
Ice  $3.00 7# bag
Worms $3.00/box of 12
Pop, Water $1.00 at office
Area Info At office
Waterways by Common Courtesy
All sites are private Common courtesy is to NOT walk through other camp sites.
Parking, cars 2 vehicles may park on your site completely off the road.***  No road parking.
Parking, boat trailers Park in designated areas only, no parking on your site or the road.
Children Please monitor your children’s activities.  Biking near the park entrance is risky. 10:00 PM is curfew for kids to be on a site.
Alcohol Allowed.  Please avoid glass, if possible.  Keep glass on your site and picked up.
Fireworks and illegal substances Not Allowed including sparklers, firearms, BB guns, sling shots, bows and arrows.  Any are cause for eviction without refund.
Campfires Permitted only in firepits provided which are not to be moved.
Site-keeping Please maintain a neat site.  Most campers spend their time outside so see your “living” space.  Towel/clothes drying should be as inconspicuous as possible.  All food should be stored overnight to prevent grazing visitors.
Garbage Bag your garbage and put it in the dumpster.  If one end is full, open the other end. Please do not burn garbage in firepit or leave garbage in firepit. Think about it: critters!
Boat dock and slips Registered campers only.  Slips may be rented for $8/night.

Cutting, breaking or trimming is not allowed.  Contact the office if you have a problem.

*Insurance restrictions   ** MDARD quarantine   ***Michigan law